The silent soldier

The proud soldier stands tall
Ready to serve, and defend us all
But when night time comes
And the monsters creep out the slums
His pride become fear
Words, no longer sincere
This is the time when things become violent
And now, our little soldier is silent

So lately I’ve been thinking about what makes us tick, and Bravery was the first thing that cropped up. I mean, what inspires Bravery? Well, what USED to? We all like thinking that when the time comes, the “Knight” within leaps out, ready to save the day. But I’ve seen things happen. No knight come out. Silence. Just silence.
Even I’ve done it. Sure as hell not something I’m proud of. It can happen so quick, and the first thought in my head is “what would someone else think?”. But this was a while ago, and now I’m quiet brave, I’ve learnt my lesson. I’ve got things to protect, and people to save, and never again will I let me wit leave me.

I wrote this because I’ve seen the fear and silence from onlookers, as they do nothing. Shortly, a while ago, on my way to meeting my girlfriend at the plaza, I saw a lady unconscious on the side of the road, and I immediately rushed to help. Thankfully there already was one guy there, who had done the correct thing (he knew basic first aid), called the ambulance and handled it well. But there, stood near by, three onlookers who were just standing there, with this blank face. Not moving. Not speaking. Just silent.

I felt slightly foolish after wards, I admit, I kinda RAN towards this unconscious lady, and then realized that there was nothing I could do that would further help, and stood there awkwardly for 3 minutes, and made an effort to mumble the fact I had to be somewhere. But I was proud, I managed to at least not freeze up, I was ready, and had a plan of action. 🙂
It’s not the first time I’d seen panic like that, and that’s what this is for. It’s kind of a life lesson I’m passing to my readers. I don’t want people learning NOT to panic in a situation like this from experience, like me. Trust in your actions, when all is said and done, it is better to look like the foolish hero, than it is to be the cowardice bard.

We are all soldiers inside, righteous and true. Don’t let fear or pride rule you, and do something when the horn has been sound. But when the time comes and you choose, do not regret your actions, regardless of what they are.

Love you’s all! 🙂

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A smile :)

I’ve seen smiles before
But this time it’s different
None have made me fall for
a girl, to this extent

It starts with a smile
But ends with a laugh
And suddenly I start smiling
On my hearts behalf

And just like that
My heart is in her jar
All from a little chat,
Secretly hoping, that we are at par

Maybe you’ve always known,
Possibly your grand plan,
Finally, my heart is yours to own,
And from a smile, all this began.

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Welcome :)

So it’s about 1:30 AM here.
I’ve been up most of the night (not studying for the upcoming exams :P), preparing this blog. I’m fairly excited to be honest, with half of me is expecting the entire world to view my blog in one night. Slightly unrealistic I know, but still, the prospect of posting my ideas, thoughts and emotions for the world to read and learn, is both daunting and exciting. Though it is out of character for me to be expressing my thoughts and feelings, I’ll do my best to keep you’s entertained and up to-date. 🙂
All are welcome for an insight to this crazy mind-o-mine 🙂

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